Nancy started her photography career with a passion for capturing action.  A former athlete turned sports photography junkie, she understands sport, competitive drive, and the desire of each player to be (and look) awesome.  Doesn't everyone want to look like a pro?  The ability to anticipate action, coupled with her knack for timing, produced countless images for bragging rights among teammates and parents alike.

Shooting school athletics led to projects with teams and athletic departments.  Her work caught the eye of local sports photographer, Mark Guthrel, and she was recruited to shoot for MaxPreps, a part of CBS Sports.  She worked with a group of local sports photographers to cover high school sports in the St Louis metro area.

With increased exposure and opportunities, Nancy’s skill set expanded to accommodate the needs and requests of her clients.  Nancy covers events, produces food and beverage images, outdoor lifestyle, real estate interiors, and product photography.

Nancy utilizes Photoshop, Lightroom, and other software imaging and editing technologies.  

Nancy’s clients include Syncopation WineWard on WineGreat Rivers Greenways, The Saint Louis Art Museum,The St Louis Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and Centorbi Custom Cabinetry.