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Elaine Rahoy(non-registered)
You make 7th Grade Football players look like they should be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, thanks for capturing these fleeting moments!
Don Johnson(non-registered)
Great photos Nancy. You are a true professional!! Thanks for the excellent work.
Leigh Miller(non-registered)

A few questions:

How did you get those planes to sit still?

Were you nervous being strapped to the wing of a spitfire, cool wind in your hair at an altitude of 3000 ft. in order to get the close-ups?

Don't you think a bigger zoom is in order next time? I mean gee whiz... you can't tell the eye colour of the F18 pilot.

Could these pictures BE any cooler? -Chandler Bing-

Brava, Nancy!!
Leslie Gibson McCarthy(non-registered)
I have been a media professional for over 20 years –- including 17 as a writer and editor with the national sports magazine Sporting News -- and have worked with photographers at the national and local level selecting and publishing photos of all kinds. Nancy Winkelmann is every bit as good a photographer as any I have encountered. She has a natural eye for detail and nuance, and has demonstrated the ability to capture moments most don’t realize are significant until they have passed. Good photographers instinctually recognize those moments before they happen. That’s a skill that can’t be taught – you either have it or you don’t. Nancy Winkelmann has it.
Craig Bentrup(non-registered)
Great work Nancy! You definitely have 'the eye".
Tim Winkelmann(non-registered)
Awesome.....just awesome.....
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